Monthly Archives - May 2016

Six reasons why slab marble is favored

When most people’s eyes are still on the size of ceramic tiles to be laid, which types and specifications of ceramic tiles to be matched for decoration, another ambitious, atmospheric and aesthetic solution has quietly spread its influence in the trend of the world’s home decoration. “Decorative effect concise atmosphere” When placing large slab marble, it gives people a sense of extension and expansion from the visual point of view, which makes the space more open and becomes the first choice [...]

What are the advantages of modern antique brick

Modern antique brick is different from traditional antique brick. Traditional pursuit of antique style. This modern simple style of modern brick pays attention to. Moreover, the large size of 800cm is the main color. The light color system is the main color, such as black, white and gray. Every brick incorporates modern design elements. If your decoration style is simple and modern, you can choose this product is absolutely a good choice. Among them, the reason why modern antique [...]

Ceramic enterprises have a bright future

The 4th Guangzhou International Purchasing Fair officially opened in Pazhou on 14th. Ceramic exhibitors who attended the fair said they were optimistic about the development prospects of Guangdong ceramics industry this year. In addition, although the current technology can produce clean ceramics, it is difficult to popularize widely in domestic ceramics industry due to cost constraints. Jinshengtao Ceramics Manager Lin Cuibi said that their products are mainly sold in China, so last year’s overall sales were good, not affected by [...]

Why are large marble tiles popular

Why is the sudden popularity of “big board”? Many factors, but green environmental protection, cost advantages, light and thin characteristics are the main factors, but there is more important point, reflecting the beauty of nature. The tacit combination of natural beauty and modern science has created the natural atmosphere of marble tile paving effect. In order to let the beauty of nature into millions of households, merchants take great pains to present the realistic texture of marble tile. Lifelike, is the [...]