Why are large marble tiles popular

Why is the sudden popularity of “big board”? Many factors, but green environmental protection, cost advantages, light and thin characteristics are the main factors, but there is more important point, reflecting the beauty of nature.

The tacit combination of natural beauty and modern science has created the natural atmosphere of marble tile paving effect. In order to let the beauty of nature into millions of households, merchants take great pains to present the realistic texture of marble tile.

Lifelike, is the soul of slab marble tiles, texture fidelity is not the traditional full glaze can be comparable. The texture of marble tile comes from rare stone materials all over the world. Through infrared detection and scanning technology, we can detect all sides of the brick body. In order to avoid the monotonous effect of the whole paving, we deliberately make a stone-like effect. At the same time, due to the multifaceted stone, some consumers mistakenly believe that there is a “color difference” problem in ceramic tiles. These “intentional” color difference effect, so that the overall effect of marble tile paving links natural and smooth, texture is rich in changes, flexible and changeable, breaking the “marble is alive, and ceramic tile is dead” this statement.

In terms of technology, the upgrading of glaze and the new printing process protect the realistic appearance of marble tile texture. The requirement of large marble tile for glaze is very strict. On the one hand, high quality glaze guarantees the delicacy and richness of color, on the other hand, it can also make ceramic tile wear resistance higher. The printing process for marble production can be roughly divided into three types: ink-jet printing, special printing screen designed and manufactured according to marble pattern, and the combination of the above two. The three printing processes have their own characteristics, but in the final analysis, they are all for the realistic presentation of marble texture.

Today’s ceramic tile polishing technology has been very mature, hard polishing ensures product smoothness, soft polishing technology makes large marble tile has the best visual comfort. Bright board marble tile gloss can reach the natural marble waxing gloss, paving effect is magnificent. Soft marble is gentle and elegant, does not pursue bright surface, visual comfort is good.

No matter how time changes, our pursuit of ceramic tile art remains unchanged. We are constantly exploring, perceiving and creating, in order to bring you a better taste of life!